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Events 2016

6-21 April - Ice House at Holland Park, Kensington, London UK

22-24 April - Reading Contemporary Art Fair, Reading, UK

3-5 June - Untitled Artists, Chelsea, London, UK

11-13 November - Windsor Art Fair, Windsor, UK

Publications 2015

Publications 2016 (click on the image)

- British Vogue Magazine, July issue

- Inside Artists magazine, Summer issue

- Living Etc magazine, August issue

- British Vogue Magazine, August issue

- RussianUK magazine, February issue

- Anna Ravliuc. Starlight Empress Collection.
- Anna Ravliuc Exhibitions in New York City.
- Anna Ravliuc at the Palace of the Parliament.


My paintings do not intend to provide an idealistic view on the environment, but to recognize which individual roles in the surrounding society are important. As different rules apply in everyday life, my artworks demonstrate how society spreads beyond its own subjective horizons and often reveals a story about the outcomes of global cultural interaction on individuals.

Oil painting has a unique opportunity to simulate volumetric texture through brushstrokes and glazing, increasing their optical properties. As painting technique, I draw inspiration from classic ‘Italian method’ and the Modernist tradition. Clean, deep colours help me to more accurately and succinctly express my thoughts, they do not disrupt the harmony of the painting, even if contrasting colours are side by side.

Exhibitions (Selected)

-FLUX Exhibition, Royal College of Art, London UK
-Windsor Art Fair, Windsor, UK
-Cambridge City Art Fair, Cambridge, UK
-Reading Contemporary Art Fair, Reading, UK
-Art Fair East, Norwich, UK
-Oxford International Art Fair, Oxford, UK
-Artrooms2015, London, UK

-Art Below Group Show, The Framers Gallery, London, UK
-Artifact Gallery, New York, NY, USA

-“Symphony of colours”, La Galleria Pall Mall, London, UK
-“Art in Mind. Illusions”, Brick Lane Gallery, London, UK
-“Grounds”, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
-“Heraldry of the Light”, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania

-“Awakening Wish”, UNESCO, Bucharest, Romania

-Butterfly Art Center New Jersey, NJ, USA
-“Figure Variations”, Walter Wickiser Gallery, New York, NY, USA
-“Shadow Songs of Forgotten Ancestors”, Palace of the Parliament, Bucharest, Romania
-“Arms of Shadow”, InterArt Gallery, New York, USA

-Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, Amman, Jordan
-“Stairway to Myself”, InterArt Gallery, New York, USA
-“A Foot in the Grave”, Ico Gallery, New York, NY, USA
-“Art of Imagination, East Hills Castle”, InterArt Gallery, Huntington, NY, USA
-Summer Festival on Long Island, InterArt Gallery, Port Jefferson, NY, USA
-“Double Vision”, selected artists, InterArt Gallery, New York, NY, USA
-“The Rhythm of Color“, Agora Gallery, New York, NY, USA

-„Le Cadeau Du Cheval - The Horse Gift”, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
-„600 years Chernivtsi”, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
-„Star Dust”, Ukrainian Cultural Centre, Bucharest, Romania
-„The Balkan Quadrinnale Of Painting. Myths And Legends Of My People”, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

-“Starlight Empress Collection”, Casa Vernescu, Bucharest, Romania

-“Stairway to Myself”, the Ministry of Culture of Romania, Bucharest, Romania

-Parliament of Romania, Brancusi Art Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
-„Parallel romantic”, Galeria Fundatiei, Bucharest, Romania

-“Song of the Earth”, Diplomats Club, Bucharest, Romania
-“Harmony of the Contrast”, Bucharest Museum, Bucharest, Romania

copyright Anna Ravliuc 2016